Reviews for A pig called Heather

Alexander Bisland, age 8
This book is about an unusual friendship between a pig called Heather and a girl called Isla. The story starts in Scotland, on a farm with an unlucky famer, his daughter and some talking animals. We soon find out about the good, caring friendship between Isla and Heather. Although, the animals can talk, they don’t talk to humans so Isla and Heather communicate with snout scrunching.

One day a mysterious man appears called Mr Busby who wants to buy the farm and in the end he does because a fire burns some of it down. The friends are split up as Isla goes to London while Heather stays on the farm.

Heather soon becomes famous and goes to London, hoping to find Isla and on her way she escapes and causes havoc!

Will they be reunited or will Mr Hornsbuckle (the pest controller) and Thomas, his villainous dog capture Heather?? YOU’LL HAVE TO FIND OUT BY READING THE REST!

I enjoyed this book because it is funny and sad but above all I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happens next!

I give it 100/100 and I can’t wait to read the sequel!


Toby Pickering Age 6
A fantastic book!

I loved reading this exciting story about Heather the pig, her best friend Isla and all the exciting things that happen to them. I can’t wait to read the next book!

This is one of the best books I have read in my life! I think Isla is a good name to put in because it is an unusual name. Isla is an exciting character and I think she would be a good friend. She is nice, friendly and cool. She cares about her friends and the animals that live on her farm, especially Heather. It doesn’t matter that Heather is a pig because Isla and Heather are still best friends. Isla can talk to Heather about happy or sad things and we know what Heather thinks about all of them. There are happy, sad and very exciting moments in this story and I enjoyed reading about all of them. I wish I had a pig like Heather. Heather and her animal friends are all brilliant!


Martyna Macheta Age 8
I really enjoyed reading ‘A Pig Called Heather’, by Harry Oulton. It’s about a girl called Isla who’s best friend is a pig called Heather. When a spark of lightening set fire to Farmer Wolsenhome’s farm and everything has to change. He had to sell it to farmer busby, a chicken farmer. Because of this, Farmer Wolenhome and Isla had to move to London. Meanwhile Heather becomes a celebrity and travels to London with a model called Nikki. Heather escapes from her and finds Isla but the inspector is trying to find Heather and punish her for escaping! Isla hides Heather in the zoo with the bearded pigs and Heather has a wonderful time with them. I really enjoyed reading this book, my favorite character was the wild cat because he said lots of things that were really funny! I felt like I was in the book while reading, I really wanted to be the girl who Heather thought was Isla. I would give this book 10 out of 10!!!


Evie Aconley, age 7
It’s a really good story that had me interested from the start, I couldn’t wait to keep reading about Heather and Isla.

Heather and Isla have a great adventure which I really enjoyed reading about. It was sad in places but then had funny parts. I would recommend this book to anyone aged 8+. I look forward to reading more about Heather in future books to see what she does next.


Molly Clark, age 10
‘A Pig Called Heather’ is a funny book although it has some sad parts, I love this book because it is funny quirky and heart warming. Heather is such a sweet pig by looking after Isla after the situation that happened. I know that if Heather were my pig I would be happy because she would always be beside me. I am so glad I got this book and I would love to read another, and even if Heather wasn’t beside me I would of never forgot her.

Heather Pic