Georgia and the Dragon

This is a long poem that came from a story I told my daughter one night when she’d lost her bear and was worried she wouldn’t be able to get to sleep. I really liked the story so thought I’d write it up, and when I started it sort of came out as a poem.Then Caroline suggested we should publish it and use it to raise money for the school library which really needed some new books and stuff; my friend Ned very kindly offered to design it for me, and another friend Janet Cheeseman agreed to do the illustrations.We did an assembly at the school which involved my son reading the dragon, my daughter being Georgia, and me reading all the narrator parts.

Great fun and we actually managed to raise some money!


When Arthur hid himself away,
the house was in despair
How on earth could Georgia sleep,
without her favourite bear?

She looked behind the cupboard
she looked under the stair,
she looked inside the washing machine,
she hunted everywhere

Night was drawing closer,
but though she called he didn’t come,
so tucked up in her bed, she glumly, lonely
sucked her thumb.

The door clicked shut, the darkness came,
and wrapped her all around.
The shapes and shadows menacing,
the silence full of sound


It has now been recorded and is available as an audio file on the fantastic Storynory website. If you don’t know this site already it’s a brilliant free resource full of original stories, myths, legends, poetry and fairy tales. They’re all read by professional actors and the text is printed so you can read/follow the story as you listen. Click here to hear it.

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