The Return of a Pig called Heather

Heather should be happy. She’s come to London, found Isla and is contentedly living among the bearded pigs in the Zoo. But something’s wrong. Isla’s sad, and if Isla’s sad, then Heather’s sad. It seems the only way to make things better is for Heather to break out of the zoo, travel 500 miles to Scotland, and then get the farm back for Isla and her dad. Easy! On her travels Heather will lose weight, find it again, meet an eagle, hide from bats, and talk to chickens.

She’ll come face to face with the terrifying wildcat, and all the while she’ll be hunted by a tenacious animal catcher and his dogged – dog.Only if she can get back to Scotland and avoid capture can she face the hardest challenge of all, the fight
for the one place she and Isla can truly call home.

An inspiring tale of courage, friendship and most importantly of all, apples.

Get it from Waterstones, Amazon, or my particular favourite, Victoria Park Books in Hackney (

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